Current Projects

Transitions to Life After High School

“Transitions to Young Adulthood: The Effects of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programming on College-Going and Employment Outcomes of High School Students” (with Elc Estrera and Matt Lenard)

Higher Education: Costs, Skills, Inequality, and Student Success

“Skills, Majors, and Jobs: Does Higher Education Respond?” (with John Conzelmann, Brad Hershbein, Shawn Martin, Andrew Simon, and Kevin Stange) — IZA Discussion Paper 16405 & NBER Working Paper 31572

“Take HEART: Experimental Evidence on Enhanced Advising and Postsecondary Progress” (with Brennan Mange and Samantha Raynor)

“The Latent Demand for College Majors” (with Jonathan Hartman, Brad Hershbein, Shawn Martin, Nathan Sotherland, and Kevin Stange)

“Transfer, Accelerate, Complete, Engage (TrACE): Supporting Transfer Students at Four-Year Universities” (with Julie Edmunds, Brennan Mange, and Laura Rosof)

“The Benefits of Advice: High-Quality Advising and Postsecondary Success” (with Brennan Mange)