Current Projects

Transitions to Life After High School

“College Comes to High School: Participation and Performance in Tennessee’s Innovative Wave of Dual-Credit Courses” (with Tom Swiderski)

“Plants, People, and Probabilities: Broadening Opportunities to Earn College Credit in High School and the Transition to College” (with Nicole Ross)

Higher Education: Costs, Skills, and Student Success

“Grads on the Go: Defining College-Specific Labor Markets for Graduates” (with Johnathan Conzelmann, Brad Hershbein, Shawn Martin, Andrew Simon, and Kevin Stange)

“The Skill Content of College Majors: Evidence from the Universe of Online Job Ads” (with Brad Hershbein, Shawn Martin, and Kevin Stange)

“The Math and the Path: Enhanced Advising and Postsecondary Progress” (with Samantha Raynor and Brennan Mange)

“Skills, Majors, and Jobs: Does Higher Education Respond?” (with Kevin Stange and Brad Hershbein)

K-12 Topics

“School-Based Healthcare and Absenteeism: Evidence from Telemedicine” (with Sarah Komisarow)

“School Segregation in the Era of Color-Blind Jurisprudence and School Choice” (with Charles Clotfelter, Helen Ladd, and Mavzuna Turaeva) — EdWorkingPaper 19-101